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Adrian Quevedo

Multimedia Engineer

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ÆNGINE DIVISIONはコロンビアのボゴタに拠点を置くウェブブランドです。ウェブスタンダードとそれを取り巻く文化を強化することで、 ÆNGINE DIVISIONは次世代の文化を形成していきます。新しいスタイルで既存の文化から脱却、 ウェブカルチャーが世界共通で評価される未来へ。


Adrian is a multi-talented interaction designer, developer, and visual designer. He excels in creating seamless user experiences for the web, leveraging his expertise in both design and front-end development.

With a portfolio featuring top brands such as Google Brand Standards, Chrome Enterprise, Android, ESPN, Southwest Airlines, Gucci, .CO, Avianca, Chevrolet, Pepsi, and Pernod Ricard, Adrian brings a wealth of experience to his work.

Adrian is an alumnus of Nueva Granada Military University and the Digital Invaders School.

Adrian is a Senior UI Engineer at Studio XL, a team within Huge that partners with Google.