Hello! I'm Adrian Quevedo, a Multimedia Engineer from Bogotá, Colombia.

I like to design and code interfaces with a detailed understanding of how should look, feel and function on the web and interactive devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

I'm an interaction designer, a coder, a visual designer, an information architect all rolled together.

I enjoy crafting user experiences for mobile and desktop web combining UX Design and front-end development expertise.

I'm passionate about open web standards and researching new ways to use them. Crafting creative solutions and beautiful executions.

I'm able to develop, prototype, and test innovative UI solutions that push the envelope on front-end engineering and inspire development teams and stakeholders to invest in new ideas.

I'm an “Innermind” Invader from Generation 12.0 at Digital Invaders.

Right now I'm serving as a Web Engineer at HUGE.